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Religion Language Birth Star Rasi Chart
SM8996 Groom from Chilaw
1991/12/29,Born in haputale,Living in Chilaw,Hindu,Ciththirai - Kanni,Cast:wellam,5Sinhala,Diploma computer
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SM8995 Groom from Srilanka
1991/10/16,Born in vavuniya,Living in Srilanka,Hindu,Uththarattaathy - Maharam,Cast:vellar,5Tamil,Bba
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SF8994 Bride from Australia
1984/11/8,Born in Jaffna,Living in Australia,Hindu,Ashvini - Medam,Cast:Vallar,5Tamil,Masters in commerce bsc commerce
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SM8993 Groom from Singapore
1982/5/23,Born in Jaffna,Living in Singapore,Hindu,Rohini - Edapam,Cast:Vellalar,5Tamil,Master degree
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SM8992 Groom from Negombo
1980/1/16,Born in Kandy Kundasalai,Living in Negombo,Hindu,Moolam - Thanusu,Cast:Mukkulaththar,5Tamil,Advanced level passed
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SF8991 Bride from Srilanka
1984/4/10,Born in colombo,Living in Srilanka,Islam,- - Edapam,Cast:,5Tamil,Al
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SM8990 Groom from Srilanka
1983/4/7,Born in jaffna,Living in Srilanka,Hindu,Thiravonam - Maharam,Cast:kurukulam,5Tamil,Edexcel hnde in civil engineering
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SM8989 Groom from Malaysia
1985/6/29,Born in Jaffna,Living in Malaysia,Christian,Anusam - Viruchchikam,Cast:No,5Tamil,High school
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SF8988 Bride from Sri lanka
1972/10/25,Born in Jaffna,Living in Sri lanka,Hindu,Rohini - Edapam,Cast:Pure Jaffna Vellalar,5Tamil,Ba
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SM8987 Groom from Vavuniya
1981/8/15,Born in kilinochchi,Living in Vavuniya,Hindu,Avittam - Maharam,Cast:,5Tamil,GCE A L
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SM8986 Groom from Quarter
1982/10/20,Born in Trincomalee,Living in Quarter,Hindu,- - -,Cast:Vellalar,5Tamil,Bsc
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SF8985 Bride from Sri lanka
1972/10/25,Born in Jaffna,Living in Sri lanka,Hindu,Rohini - Edapam,Cast:Vellalar,5Tamil,Ba
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