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Religion Language Birth Star Rasi Chart
SM9139 Groom from England
1984/4/18,Born in Mullaitivu,Living in England,Hindu,Visakam - Viruchchikam,Cast:Vellalar,5Tamil,Bachelor degree in computer application
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SF9138 Bride from Colombo sri lanka
1989/7/20,Born in Colombo Sri Lanka,Living in Colombo sri lanka,Hindu,Thiravonam - Maharam,Cast:Vellalar,5Tamil,Degree
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SM9137 Groom from Srilanka
1959/9/16,Born in colombo,Living in Srilanka,Hindu,- - -,Cast:velara,6Tamil,
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SF9136 Bride from Sri lanka
1994/8/1,Born in Jaffna,Living in Sri lanka,Christian,- - -,Cast:Jaffna Vellalar,5Tamil,B com degree
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SM9135 Groom from Canada
1987/1/1,Born in jaffna,Living in Canada,Hindu,- - Thanusu,Cast:vellalar,5Tamil,Bachelor in engineering
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SF9134 Bride from India
1986/11/2,Born in Jaffna,Living in India,Hindu,Visakam - Thulam,Cast:Vellalar,5Tamil,Oll
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SM9133 Groom from Colombo
1976/12/25,Born in colombo,Living in Colombo,Hindu,- - Kanni,Cast:vellar,5Tamil,
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SF9132 Bride from Colombo
1988/9/11,Born in colombo,Living in Colombo,Christian,- - -,Cast:,5Tamil,2nd degree b a hons in business manageme
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SM9131 Groom from Ratnapura
1988/4/22,Born in Ratnapura,Living in Ratnapura,Christian,- - -,Cast:,5Tamil,
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SM9130 Groom from With sister
1973/11/20,Born in srilanka,Living in With sister,Hindu,- - Kanni,Cast:,6Tamil,Ol
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SM9129 Groom from Colombo srilanka
1982/6/6,Born in batticaloa,Living in Colombo srilanka,Hindu,Pooram - Kanni,Cast:vellalar,5Tamil,Al leval
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SM9128 Groom from Srilanka
1987/9/20,Born in Jaffna,Living in Srilanka,Christian,- - -,Cast:Vellalar,5Tamil,Multimedia
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