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Profiles Age Range Suba Reference
Religion Language Birth Star Rasi Chart
SM8576 Groom from Uk
1975/8/27,Born in london,Living in Uk,Hindu,Mirugaseeridam - Edapam,Cast:vellalar,5Tamil,Al
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SM8575 Groom from Colombo
1968/2/20,Born in jaffna,Living in Colombo,Christian,Visakam - Thulam,Cast:no cast difference,5Tamil,Master degree
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SM8574 Groom from Sri lanka
1968/3/23,Born in Jaffna,Living in Sri lanka,Hindu,- - -,Cast:,0-,
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SM8573 Groom from Srilanka
1988/1/1,Born in batticaloa,Living in Srilanka,Hindu,- - -,Cast:vellalar,5Tamil,Bsc nursing
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SM8572 Groom from Austrlia
1986/9/14,Born in Batticaloa,Living in Austrlia,Christian,- - -,Cast:velalar,5Tamil,Marc
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SM8571 Groom from Sri lanka
1990/5/9,Born in jaffna,Living in Sri lanka,Hindu,Ashvini - Medam,Cast:vellalar,5Tamil,Ndict
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SM8570 Groom from Qatar
1984/7/11,Born in batticaloa,Living in Qatar,Hindu,Moolam - Thanusu,Cast:vellaler,5Tamil,Ol
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SM8569 Groom from Wattala
1982/8/15,Born in Colombo,Living in Wattala,Hindu,Thiruvathirai - Methunam,Cast:Kallar,5Tamil,Higher school diploma
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SM8568 Groom from Italy
1986/12/1,Born in jaffna,Living in Italy,Hindu,Anusam - Viruchchikam,Cast:,5Tamil,Aat accounting
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SF8567 Bride from Trincomalee
1980/1/30,Born in Batticaloa,Living in Trincomalee,Hindu,Punarpoosam - Methunam,Cast:,5Tamil,Al
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SM8566 Groom from Switzerland
1986/7/15,Born in Batticaloa,Living in Switzerland,Christian,- - -,Cast:NOT INTRESTED,5Tamil,
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SM8565 Groom from Toronto canada
1976/3/3,Born in jaffna,Living in Toronto canada,Hindu,Uththarattaathy - Meenam,Cast:hindu,5Tamil,Hight school
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