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Religion Language Birth Star Rasi Chart
SF8881 Bride from New zealand
1989/4/7,Born in Wellington,Living in New zealand,Hindu,Revathy - Meenam,Cast:vellalar,5Tamil,Bca
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SM8880 Groom from Sri lanka
1985/12/7,Born in Colombo,Living in Sri lanka,Hindu,- - -,Cast:,0-,
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SM8879 Groom from Colombo
1985/9/8,Born in Jaffna,Living in Colombo,Christian,- - -,Cast:Vellalar,5Tamil,Msc
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SM8878 Groom from Point pedro
1971/7/25,Born in Point Pedro,Living in Point pedro,Hindu,Pooram - Simmam,Cast:kovi,5Tamil,Al
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SM8877 Groom from Ooty
1991/5/23,Born in SALEM,Living in Ooty,Hindu,Uththaram - Kanni,Cast:VANNIYAR,6Tamil,Mca
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SF8876 Bride from Australia
1988/8/8,Born in sydney,Living in Australia,Hindu,Rohini - Edapam,Cast:vellar,5English,B law
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SM8875 Groom from Matale
1967/1/28,Born in matale,Living in Matale,Hindu,- - Kanni,Cast:vellayer,5Tamil,
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SM8874 Groom from Dubai
1984/9/22,Born in Jaffna,Living in Dubai,Hindu,Aayiliyam - Kadaham,Cast:Vellalar,5Tamil,Bsc uk
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SF8873 Bride from France
1978/10/12,Born in Jaffna,Living in France,Hindu,- - -,Cast:vellalar,5Tamil,Diploma
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SM8872 Groom from England
1973/3/26,Born in Jaffna,Living in England,Christian,- - -,Cast:Karayar,5Tamil,Graduate
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SF8871 Bride from Sri lanka
1978/8/16,Born in Nawalapitiya,Living in Sri lanka,Hindu,Uththaradam - Maharam,Cast:Mukkulator,4Tamil,High school
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SM8870 Groom from London
1973/3/26,Born in Point Pedro,Living in London,Christian,Kotttai - Viruchchikam,Cast:Karayar,5Tamil,Bsc
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